Stories of hope in the cost of living crisis: Impact Report 2022

Local churches continue to provide the one thing we all need: hope. Thanks to your support, CUF is here to serve them.

Find out how we worked with people, partners and churches in 2022 to play our part in Jesus’ mission to restore hope, justice, and peace to all.
Read the full report or visit each story of hope below.

Andrew Barnett, Chair reflects on 2022

Local churches and generous volunteers continue to inspire us with their resilience and creativity, providing practical support as well as love and care

A message of hope from Peter Smith

Working to develop something together rather than imposing something from above

Hopeful new beginnings

Supporting Christian projects that help refugees arriving in England from Ukraine and Afghanistan

Serving hope

The need for people to feel valued is just as important as offering them hot soup. Kath, Places of Welcome

Hope brings us together

Developing young leaders to act as positive role models in their communities and become future changemakers

A visible and present hope

Supporting churches to reconnect with their communities, celebrate their impact, and respond to needs around them

Partnerships of hope

What it means to put one’s faith into practice and to serve the common good

Hope for the future

Providing children with the opportunity to save & learn about the value of money

Our vision of hope

The Revd Adam Edwards, Acting Group CEO, looks to the future

Our reach in 2022

Grants, Together Network, Places of Welcome, Growing Good

Our reach in 2022

Near Neighbours, Catalyst, Just Finance Foundation, Fundraising

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