A visible and present hope

The impact of Christian social action in our communities is huge. Across the country, local churches are serving with love and compassion day in, day out.

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In 2022, we supported churches to reconnect with their communities, celebrate their impact, and respond to needs around them.

Tim is a Pastor at Emmanuel Church, Brighton, part of the New Frontiers network.

"Growing Good integrates with the things that you might already be doing. The thinking around hospitality and presence particularly resonated with us when using Growing Good for training our foodbank staff."


The group were provoked to think about the prominence of our building and consider whether people recognised it as a church and were able to access the support available inside.

We are very adaptable as a church and have a lot of the Growing Good themes in our DNA as core values, including social action, evangelism, mission, and church growth. However, we don’t necessarily think them through as one piece, and a big value from Growing Good has been thinking about these themes collectively and letting them mutually inform.

We’ve now rescheduled activities and built these around Thursdays. If you attend on a Thursday, you realise it’s an ecosystem of people going between things. Someone may come in to access the foodbank, they get to know us and might bring their kids to the stay and play.”

Tim introduced Growing Good to CAB, a network of churches involved in social action across Brighton. “We come from different contexts and traditions, but the material encouraged great conversations. After looking at the Growing Good sessions, we each identified a mission plan for our local area, as well as thinking about our collective mission.

Growing Good has been key in the thinking which has drawn all these things together and has not just encouraged us but implored us to keep our faith visible throughout.


Growing Good will make you think differently about what’s in your hand, attend to the situation around you, the context you’re in and the ministries that are already working and think about them in a new way.”

The Growing Good Toolkit is a free, six-session course helping churches explore the connection between social action, discipleship and growth. Through flexible, interactive small group sessions, we explore how our churches can be faithful and fruitful in our local communities. Sign up to access the toolkit

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