What we do

Our vision is a future where every person in need has access to a community of support.

We work with and invest in people, churches and community groups to tackle urgent issues, provide life-changing support and raise money.

We aim to tackle complex challenges like poverty and exclusion across England by mobilising people, churches, and whole communities to make a positive difference. We understand that local people know their communities best, so we make sure local skills and knowledge are amplified and valued in everything we do.

As a Christian organisation, we are motivated by a vision of the world as God intends it to be. We are passionate about building communities where material needs are met and everyone feels connected, valued, and loved.

Together, we will achieve this in 3 main ways:

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We work together to make a positive difference. We support local responses by helping to recruit and train volunteers, provide safe spaces of welcome, and access funding for community projects.

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We share knowledge and tools for the benefit of all. We convene networks of support, bringing together local knowledge and national expertise to share best practice and connect people.



We support safe and welcoming spaces where people can build meaningful relationships, share concerns and hopes, and overcome differences.

We believe in the power of community to change lives.

Church Urban Fund

Key areas of focus

We work with local leaders, churches and other faith groups all over England who are committed to serving and strengthening the community where they live.

  • Fully welcoming refugees.
    We support and advocate for refugees arriving in England, so they can be full welcomed into society and rebuild their lives.

Our three core initiatives

At Church Urban Fund we established and continue to oversee the work of three initiatives that are improving the lives of many people in a wide range of ways. These initiatives are the Together Network, Just Finance Foundation, and Near Neighbours.

Below, we provide an overview of these programmes and the people they’re helping. But please do visit the websites of each to learn more about their work and the incredibly positive impact they’re having on thousands of lives across the country.

The Together Network

The Together Network helps churches, community groups and faith organisations make the most of the skills, assets and experiences of their community to tackle local issues such as food poverty and homelessness.

Made up of 15 core Christian charities, the network does this by providing expert guidance, offering innovative ideas, sharing helpful contacts and establishing and strengthening partnerships.

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Just Finance Foundation

Just Finance Foundation is a national charity working with schools, families, and change-makers to build financially resilient communities where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive. We embed financial education in primary schools, support parents and families, and empower communities to increase the reach and impact on financial education.

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Near Neighbours

Near Neighbours brings diverse people together to make a positive difference in their neighbourhood and strengthen society. We do this by providing grants, training, resources and events. We have a particular focus on empowering young people to become involved and confident leaders in their community.

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