About Us

We are committed to creating new ideas and inspiring local people to bring about long-term sustainable change.


How we work

We work through the Church of England’s local parish networks, with churches and alongside other faith-based and secular organisations, national and local government, charities and foundations, as well as individual supporters, to bring about positive change in communities.

We have three core organisational streams, delivering our vision of people and communities all over England flourishing and enjoying life in all its fullness

The Together Network, is a union of 21 faith-based partnerships across England, driven by the desire to tackle social inequality across England. We respond to local issues, supporting and helping communities to tackle the things that matter most to them.

Near Neighbours helps people make diverse communities stronger. By encouraging people to get to know each other, work together, build relationships of trust and improve their neighbourhoods.

Just Finance Foundation, we want to create a fair financial system for everyone. A system that is easy to understand, accessible and available to all.

By building trust, empowering local people to have a go at addressing the areas of greatest need in their communities, and speaking out against injustice, we are committed to bringing about long-term sustainable change.

Church Urban Fund