Hopeful new beginnings

Our work in local areas often highlights examples of universal need and prompts innovative, nationally useful solutions

Events in 2022 dramatically widened this scope to include meeting the needs of those displaced by international conflict arriving in our communities.

In July, we partnered with Benefact Trust on our Refugee Support Small Grants Programme. Together, we are supporting Christian projects that help refugees arriving in England from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Chichester Quakers Local Meeting were successful with their ‘Food for Friends’ project delivering sessions centred around a meal, encouraging refugees to share culture, build friendships and integrate into society.

Taiba* was born in Afghanistan and came to the UK with her husband and son shortly after the Afghan government collapsed to the Taliban. She translated the Food for Friends flyers into Pashto and Dari.

As well as helping promote Food for Friends Taiba has taken part and noticed the difference it has made.

Taiba hopes to build on her law degree and continue her studies in the UK. “I want to carry that on here and do something good. Food for Friends is a good initiative to contribute to reintegration of refugee families in Chichester. It plays an important role in the emotional wellbeing of refugee families.”

The success of the first round of funding and interest in the grant has secured its continuation in 2023 with a further £140,000 available to distribute to local churches.

Coming here has been good practice for my English and helped build my confidence. The project makes relationships between refugees and British people - my son and a volunteer’s little boy have made good friends and love to play together.”

Taiba (Name changed to protect the privacy of our participant)

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