Hope for the future

The cost-of-living crisis is pushing some families into impossible situations, and we are all facing difficult decisions at home

We know that children are absorbing these experiences and starting to learn money habits as early as age 3. But still, only 48% are taught financial education at school.

Through the innovative work of the Just Finance Foundation, we understand that there are many complex factors that lead to financial hardship, and these need to be addressed nationally. However, we believe that education is key to addressing financial equality over the long-term.

We know that by working with schools to support teachers, we can ensure children from all backgrounds receive the education they need to manage money well in the future.

Milo and all trans Medium
Stall Small

“Our school is in Toxteth, Liverpool, an area of significant deprivation. We wanted to encourage children to see the importance of money and making the right choices for how they use it. The LifeSavers programme offers everything we need to help our children understand the value of money and what they can do to best look after it. We have a savings club every Friday morning with our Year 6 Cashiers. We run our financial curriculum through the LifeSavers programme, using the lessons and the 5 Big Questions across KS1 and KS2. We use Milo’s Money in our EYFS.

We are providing our children with the opportunity to save and learn more about the value of money.

It is a fantastic and engaging resource for children of all ages that progresses year on year, helping children discover the value of money.”

Charlie, Maths Lead and Year 2 teacher

“When we started LifeSavers and we were discussing wants and needs – children would often place a computer, PlayStation or TV in the ‘needs’ section but couldn’t justify why.

After Covid, when doing the same activity with a Year 3 class, a child placed TV in need, a few classmates said ‘no’. I asked why they thought it was a need and they said because during lockdown some old people may have been on their own and it was the only company they had - I think that is a basic need.

Again, no right or wrong answers but if we can have our young children thinking in that way - we are doing ok.”

Julie, LifeSaver Champion, Stockton Wood

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