Sleep Out For Change

Join the Sleep Out challenge and raise money to show your support for people experiencing homelessness.

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The Sleep Out challenges you to give up your bed for one night.

This is a fundraising challenge that does not replicate the experience of homelessness, but it can help you reflect on the injustice of homelessness and start meaningful conversations with your friends and family.

Individuals, schools, and church groups have all taken part in the Sleep Out to raise awareness and essential funds for people in need across England. You can sleep outside, on the floor, in your church hall....wherever or however you choose. It won't be a comfortable night, but it will be a meaningful one.


Creating a fundraising page on Just Giving will make it easy for your friends and family to sponsor your fundraiser online.

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Why the Sleep Out Challenge?

Over 270,000 people are experiencing homelessness right now. Amid the cost of living crisis, it is expected that 66,000 more people will experiencing homelessness by 2024. And countless other will struggle with hidden homelessness. They will sleep on strangers' sofa's, in empty squats, or move between temporary, often unsafe, accommodation.

Taking on the Sleep Out challenge won't be comfortable and it won't be easy. But your efforts will be worth it. Together, we can raise awareness around this critical issues, fundraise much-needed funds, and help people in need.

When can I take the challenge?

Whenever you like! We would love it if you would join us during the Advent season and host your event between 1 December and 24 December. But we understand that this is a busy period for many people.

Once you have set your date, don't forget to let us know!

Can I fundraise with friends?

Yes, in fact, many people, church groups and even schools decide to take this challenge together. Coming together to take a challenge can be a powerful way to reconnect with friends, at church or even at work!

Take the challenge with a group or on your own. However you are fundraising, we are here to support you.

How does my fundraising make a difference?

Generous fundraisers like you, and all your sponsors, help to support people when and where it is needed most.

One way that the Church Urban Fund is responding to local needs is by facilitating one-to-one, relational support. In the past five years, over 900 people have accessed this personal support network, as well as a unique range of courses focused on personal development, skills acquisition and wellbeing. In addition, generous people like you have supported hundreds of projects which tackle inter-connected issues such as debt, mental illness and offer refugee or asylum seeker support.

Read about how this programme is expanding.

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