Refugee Support

‘I was a stranger and you invited me in’ Matthew 25

We partnered with the Benefact Trust on our Refugee Support Small Grants Programme in 2023 and 2022.

Together, we are supporting Christian projects that help refugees arriving in England from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Beyond providing emergency basics like toiletries, clothes and food, churches are supporting refugees to rebuild their lives and join and contribute to local communities, no matter their faith or circumstances.

If you have further questions about the programme you can contact our friendly team on 0330 053 1954 or We would love to hear from you.


37 projects received funding of £129,499.68 in grants


37 projects received funding of £126,000 in grants

"Coming here has been good practice for my English and helped build my confidence"

Taiba, who fled Afghanistan with her husband and son, attended meals hosted by Chichester Quakers Local Meeting

A prayer for refugees

Give us compassion and generosity to welcome them as you have welcomed us.

How to welcome refugees well

Host a festival, learn their language and take them to the GP, says Emily Shepherd, co-CEO of Welcome Churches

Resources for churches supporting refugees

Planning your project, working with volunteers, and promoting your activities to local people

Free recorded webinar: Welcoming and Supporting Refugees

Find out how people are currently coming to the UK & what happens when they arrive. We'll look at some cross-cultural and trauma awareness as well as at setting boundaries.

Church Times reports on our projects

"The wonderful thing about faith-based social action is is that it is there for the longer term"

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In partnership with Benefact Trust

This programme is developed in partnership with Benefact Trust. We are so grateful for their ongoing support for local churches as they welcome and support refugees in England.

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