Together in Prayer – Lent 2020 | Advocacy and Empowerment


Advocacy and empowerment are at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

The Together Network advocates and empowers through its work with churches, other faith groups and local and national organisations, encouraging partnership working and collaboration. Where projects are only the seed of an idea, we catalyse them to become an actuality, by coming alongside people and supporting them with scoping out their idea, identifying opportunities, training, linking up with others and accessing funding.

Empowerment and advocacy are intrinsic to the way we work within our community projects themselves. We adopt the concept of Asset-based community development (ABCD) in all that we do. ABCD is a sustainable approach to community development that recognises the inherent skills, gifts and talents that people and organisations have. It focuses on capabilities instead of deprivation; empowering people to build on what they have. Our approach listens to what people really want and need.

In this prayer diary we take a look at how advocacy and empowerment are weaved throughout our work over England, and offer some guidance for how you can pray for particular projects and people.

Together In Prayer - Lent 2020 | Advocacy and Empowerment

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