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POFW web resources

To help you apply to join the network


Good conversations, financial resilience, monitoring and evaluation, and more

Everything from research to project planning, fundraising and volunteering

Social Prescribing and Places of Welcome

An overview of Places of Welcome and the impact it has in communities. As well as how it links with the work that social prescribing is already doing. A resource aimed at social prescribers

Connecting communities to health

Discover how Places of Welcome venues can connect with social prescribing link workers . A resource aimed at those already involved with Places of Welcome.

Snapshot survey results 2023

Read our 2023 snapshot survey to find out what happened and what we can learn

Look Up Tool

Find out more about the level of poverty in your parish and how this compares with other parishes locally and nationally

Project planning tools

Support with planning and evaluation

Fundraising tools for community projects

Writing for grant applications, budgeting, telling your story


Engage with themes including social integration, homelessness, civil society, and financial inclusion

Take inspiration from the network

What are we seeing on the ground, and what can we learn?

Snapshot survey results 2022

What happened and what can we learn?

Money Help Hub

Just Finance Foundation Money Help Hub provides information and guidance on cutting costs, keeping track of your spending, and looking after your wellbeing