Christmas Appeal

For people who are facing homelessness, isolation and loneliness, your gift this Christmas could restore hope and home.

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When homelessness threatens health, hope and home, you can help give someone like Viktor the support they desperately need.

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Your gift this Christmas could help restore hope and home.

The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

At Christmas, the mystery of the Incarnation inspires us to open our hearts and open our doors for the good of others. Jesus, our Saviour, denied simple hospitality at His birth, now welcomes all to His table and bids us to do the same.

And yet, more than 200,000 people in our communities are still denied this simple hospitality. They are forced to sleep on the streets, battle unaffordable housing, and survive on the margins of their communities.

It might seem, at times, like too big a number and too large a problem for us to make a difference. But here at Church Urban Fund, we believe that change is possible and our simple, loving actions are essential to bringing about this change.

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Your gift this Christmas could help restore hope and home.

Viktor's story

Viktor struggled with homelessness at a young age. During the worst times, he survived by sleeping on the streets and suffering intense loneliness and depression.

On the one hand, you are lonely and struggling with things like depression. And on the other hand, you’ve got no food, no resources… You start thinking no one can help you and it makes it very hard, mentally, to survive.”

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Your gift this Christmas could help restore hope and home.

It wasn’t until Viktor met the local volunteers supported by our Positive Pathways programme that things started to change.

It started like a normal relationship, like a friendship,” explains Viktor. “From our first meeting, they said to me, ‘If you need something just call us… Just don’t suffer on your own.’ It really helped my mental health.”

Now, Viktor has the skills and networks to face challenges and even gives his time to help others in need.

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For people like I was, it’s so difficult because you know no one can help you. Especially if you’re not entitled to any benefits. Wherever you go, you can’t get anything. Without organisations like this, these people would not survive.”

When debt threatens families, when people are forced onto the streets and when it seems like all hope is lost – our Positive Pathways programme supports people that other institutions have turned away, helping them to recover, reconnect and prepare for the future.

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The most important for me is that they don’t just care about how you’re feeling right now – but they think about your future as well. The majority of people living on the streets are just surviving, they can’t think about what will happen tomorrow…You need to have the right people around you.”

Incredible change that can happen through love. When you donate to Church Urban Fund, you help support projects like Positive Pathways with practical resources to share this love with others.

This Christmas, just as God gave us the gift of His Son, I encourage you to join me in using our presence as a gift to others too.

Wishing you, and all those you love, a very Merry Christmas!

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Your gift this Christmas could help restore hope and home.

Viktor's letter

Viktor was a young man when he was forced into homelessness. Read his inspiring story.

Decorate your church

You can show your support for people who are struggling this Christmas by decorating your church door with golden stars as a sign that you are open, present and ready to fully welcome them.

Your Church Activity Pack for Christmas 2021

Ideas for simple activities suitable for all ages, that will help your church congregation reflect on and communicate a message of welcome and love to everyone this Christmas.

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