Walk Towards Hope – your stories

At Christmas we remember that Mary and Joseph had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem – 90 miles. We've invited you to walk 90 miles by Christmas Eve, on your own or in a team, to raise money for our work strengthening communities. What have you done on your walks and what have you found?

Annabelle WTH

Annabelle, Devon

My 90 miles have taken months. It makes you realise just how far Mary trekked so heavily pregnant! I’m not stopping though; I want to keep raising money for the great work CUF does around the country.

Liz WTH Lancs

Liz, Lancashire

I listen to Morning Prayer being said and sung on the Anglican app called Daily Prayer. It's a podcast you can listen to every day. I find walking as I pray and think very helpful.

Untitled design

Alastair, Norfolk

I'm getting an opportunity to serve people in need. That answers my own need, it's circular. And I chose CUF because I want to help people rediscover their sense of hope and community.

Adam WTH 940 x 500 px

Adam, the Black Country

I've been praying for the people who live nearby, people struggling to provide food and making difficult decisions about heating and energy, that they may know the hope of Jesus.

Lisa WTH 940 x 500 px

Lisa, Northamptonshire and Cornwall

Our 5-year-old son walked 15 miles in a week, which we counted towards our family total. We saw cows, chickens and a sheep named Max and my son declared, “I love walking with my family.”

Mia WTH 940x500 px

Mia, London (mainly)

Each step has increased my sense of hope, because we're united in this effort, walking with and for each other. I'm grateful to CUF for sharing this hope with people who need it most.

Kelly WTH gallery 940x500

Kelly, London and Kent

Having completed over 90 miles, I want to keep exploring many different places before Christmas Eve. I makes me realise how lucky I am to be able to discover local communities.

Vinyo WTH sunset

Vinyo, south coast

I'm happy to keep walking and know I’m raising funds for CUF.