Video reflections for Advent and Christmas

Mary and Joseph walked 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Our Advent can be a time of journeying. We’ve put together a series of personal reflections based on the Lectionary so you can journey with us through these two special seasons. Whether out and about or at home, let our reflections accompany you.

Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent, Revd Liz Carnelley, Partnerships Director

'It’s a bit like knowing your mum is coming into your teenage bedroom and it’s a mess, with wet towels all over the floor and yesterday’s pizza carton – you know you are in for a telling off.’

Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent, Revd Nadine Wilkinson, Partnerships Manager

‘Bearing God’s dreams until they’re fulfilled - justly and completely in the everyday lives of people - is an all-consuming, “Yes. Here I am. Let it be to me.”’

Reflection for the Third Sunday of Advent, Polly Taylor, Project Manager

'A church that steps out with courage, perseverance and acts of compassion and kindness points to the hope-giving light of the coming Christ.'

Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Mia Lucas-Bray, head of fundraising and communications

Mia celebrates a carol that encapsulates the Christmas message of peace and justice for all

Reflection for Christmas Day, Bishop Rob Wickham, CEO

'God's born into poverty, being a refugee, sanctifies all of humanity.'

Reflection on the First Sunday of Christmas Bishop Rob Wickham, CEO

CUF's CEO, Bishop Rob: 'God chose to call those on the margins to have the first audience with the King.'

Reflection for New Year's Day, the naming of Jesus, Adam Edwards, Deputy CEO

Adam Edwards, Deputy CEO considers the significance of naming.

Reflection on Epiphany, Vinyo Aidam, Director of Finance and Governance

Vinyo explores the gifts we receive from Jesus, and those we give to Him.

Reflection for the Second Sunday of Christmas, Sophie Edwardson, Listening and Learning Officer

Sophie prays for people trying something new and being bold in helping where they can

Advent and Christmas resources

Join us to reflect on Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and consider where hope can be found in our communities