Project planning tools

Project planning from start to finish: All you need to know from CUF partnerships Manager Liz Carnelley. More:>>

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Know Your Church, Know Your Neighbourhood is a free facilitated process to help churches think about themselves in relation to the local communities they seek to serve, and make prayerful and informed decisions about their mission in those communities. More >>

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Vision development toolkit: Whatever your project’s activity is, the people who run, manage and fund it will need clarity on what you are trying to achieve. This toolkit produced by our friends at Near Neighbours aims to help you develop a clear vision for your project and engage with different stakeholders while developing it. More>>

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A short guide to group facilitation: Facilitation is an essential skill in community activism - the process of supporting a group to imagine and then produce the outcomes they collectively want to see. Developed by our friends at Near Neighbours, this thought-provoking and practical guide is ideal for group leaders looking to host productive conversations on social action with their own groups or partnering with new groups. Download the toolkit>>

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Project reflection workshop toolkit: From our friends at Near Neighbours, a guide for facilitators/project managers on how to prepare and run a project reflection workshop online and in-person. Download>>

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Project evaluation tools: A simple, easy-to-use toolkit is designed to help you think about the impact you want your project to have, to consider realistic ways to assess your impact, to select the right evaluation tools for your project, and to reflect on and use the information that you gather in fruitful ways. More>>

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