Positive Pathways

Pauls story

Despite all that Covid has thrown at us our delivery partners in Yorkshire and the North East are continuing their work helping homeless people find safe sustainable accommodation and providing wrap-around support.

“G came to us after being evicted illegally from his property due to not being able to pay his rent. He had been living in a tent and was quite low. We took him into the night shelter for a few weeks. He was adamant he wanted to work and not try and claim benefits and as InnChurches Storehouse takes on volunteers, our Positive Pathway worker asked G if he would like to volunteer. He soon proved to be a great support to the work we do and we’ve been mentoring and managing G to help him regain a sense of purpose. Because of the Covid-19 crisis we’ve been expanding and were able to offer G a paid role with InnChurches. Now he has got settled, paid employment and is contributing to the economy. And he has a lovely home (which he looks after meticulously) and is a lot happier and hopeful. His circumstances have changed 180 degrees. He is a great worker and we are lucky to have him.”

InnChurches Project, Bradford