LifeSavers Celebrates It’s 4th Birthday

This July LifeSavers celebrated its 4th birthday!

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Four years on from the original pilot, the LifeSavers financial education programme for primary school children now has over 120 schools teaching children how to use their money wisely and practising the important life lesson of saving.

Although many schools were unable to celebrate this fantastic milestone with us, it’s important to reflect on some important milestones and achievements of LifeSavers schools and children.

  • Over 30,000 children have learnt and are continuing to learn how to use their money wisely!
  • Over £180,000 has been saved in total by all our LifeSavers Savings Club members!
  • Over 2,000 teachers and school staff have been trained to deliver financial education!

As we move into the 5th year of LifeSavers, the programme will begin in strange circumstances. However, the coronavirus has highlighted just how important it is to have a savings safety net. When LifeSavers returns to ‘the new normal’ in September the programme values of generosity, kindness, thankfulness and wisdom will never be more important.