JFF Online ‘Help Hub’ Supports Nearly 3,000 People

We all remember those last few days before lockdown and the anxiety that gripped the country. One of the biggest worries during the time was money.

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These were questions, amongst other concerns, racing in the minds of individuals as we prepared for a prolonged period at home and possibly without work. With government policy changes coming thick and fast too, those first few weeks were overwhelming for many people, it was often difficult for people to understand what they were entitled to and where they could seek support?

Fortunately, the Just Finance Foundation launched the Coronavirus Help Hub on the day of national lockdown (23rdMarch). Available on the JFF website, the resource pulls together all the latest information and resources for people facing financial difficulty or uncertainty.

The Hub, has easy to understand information but also links to expert websites. It is updated regularly with the most up to date information and has sections on Universal Credit, Mortgages, Sick Pay, Debt and other key themes.

Within a day of launch there was a 450% increase in traffic to the Just Finance Foundation website, with the resource becoming a staple signposting tool for those looking for some clarity in a time of information overload.

To date the Coronavirus Help Hub has supported nearly 3,000 people with money worries relating to the Coronavirus.