JFF Covid Cash Recovery Course

How attending the course changed Darren's life

Redundancy. Furlough. Debt. Falling behind on bills.

We all know someone who has been financially impacted by the Coronavirus.

Darren (name changed) like many others unexpectedly lost his job in April of 2020. Financially vulnerable, he did not know what to do, or where to seek support. Then disaster struck:

“Due to an internet investment scam, I lost my life savings and found myself in considerable debt.”

A friend asked Darren to attend the COVID Cash Course as a representative of his local church so that he could offer help, information and resources to people in the community who were struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Darren, with personal debts of over £15,000, the debt section of course was able to signpost him to Payplan – a debt counselling service.

After attending the course, Darren explains that he is now on the path to recovery:

“I now have a job with the NHS and am awaiting a start date… Had I not attended the COVID cash course run by the Just Finance Foundation, I would not have found out about Payplan”

As the nation recovers from the financial chaos of the coronavirus, we hope we can share more stories of recovery like Darren’s in 2021.

“I now continue to assist other people in my community when I operate as an itinerant pastor” says Darren “ I can empathise with others, knowing exactly how it feels to be in debt and worried about the future.”