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Places of Welcome are safe spaces for everyone to belong, connect and contribute. They can be a lifeline for people struggling with loneliness, ill health, anxiety or depression.

The Place of Welcome at Christ Church Thornton le Fylde, Lancashire, prides itself on offering something for everyone in the community, from an essential foodbank to baby groups and hobby socials, a book shop, and specialist sessions for people suffering from dementia.

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The Place of Welcome regularly invites over 200 people through its doors. Well established with 16 volunteers, ‘Pilgrim’s Stop’ opens four days a week to offer soup, sandwiches, hot drinks and even ice cream to anyone dropping in.

A lot of work goes into operating something so valuable, but the feedback from those accessing the service makes the volunteers committed to their project.

The Place of Welcome felt particularly important during the winter of 2022-23. The cost of heating homes was suddenly much higher and left a lot of people in need of a warm space they could visit often and without cost.

One visitor had suffered a stroke and had limited mobility. He was brought to the Place of Welcome, where he was welcomed, and enjoyed the food and drink on offer. He now regularly attends on his own, having experienced a brilliant improvement in his health, and really enjoys interacting with other guests. The community here has been a great asset to his recovery.