Feast of Fun at Home

Transforming Plymouth Together (TPT) has worked over the last few years with a number of churches on their ‘Feast of Fun’ project, a holiday club style programme of events where churches open to welcome families to a healthy, hearty meal and some fun.

Prior to lockdown, the plan was for a bigger and better programme, opening as many churches as possible, welcoming families into a safe space for a free meal and an afternoon of entertainment and activities. Last years programme saw 38 events run by 18 churches and feeding nearly 2,500 meals during the summer holiday. However lockdown and the covid restrictions resulted in plans for summer activities to axed but many questioning what support would be out there for families in need? Working with previous partners and trialling formats, TPT supported churches in ‘Feast of Fun at Home’, a weekly hamper of food for a family and including occasionally some outdoor games or crafts. This provision started long before the ‘summer holidays’ because they realised that many families would struggle with the changes in both support and opportunities for the families.

The chance to start a friendship with a family has been a lot harder for a church but the consistent, regular offering of a food parcel for a family has shown God’ss love in times of global hardship. The chance to share a few words as the families collect or volunteers deliver, has grown into friendships, requests for prayer and exploration of what the church is like beyond the Feast of Fun team.

Many families have found the lockdown period a time of stress and panic, but feedback from the families have been that the food hampers are a God-send and many would find life difficult without them.

Whilst what happens beyond September is still uncertain, we know that the churches coming together working to support their local communities can only be a benefit in building relationships, filling stomachs and filling hearts.