Bringing People Together

Bringing People Together (BPT) is a network designed to ‘connect people to others from the comfort of their own home’.

During lockdown, we’ve seen groups from our Places of Welcome network have to radically change the way that they work. Groups quickly moved to find ways to keep meetings happening and create safe spaces for people to meet each other without leaving their homes. Our partners in the Black Country, Transforming Communities Together, were so inspired by this that they’ve built upon this learning to create Bringing People Together, which uses telephone and online platforms to enable people to connect safely with others in their neighbourhood and form lasting friendships.

The aim is for BPT to become a network of local groups, offering a safe place for friendships, laughter and encouragement, all from the comfort and safety of your own home! All BPT groups will be open to everyone, aiming to include everyone in their neighbourhood who wants to meet new people or who is feeling socially isolated, and all share a set of principles based on inviting, welcoming and mutual respect.

The project has a strong emphasis on everyone being included, so TCT have been researching into the various technologies to safely host telephone and online groups, regardless of someone’s previous use of technology.

Transforming Communities Together are currently running a six-month pilot of the project in the Black Country, Staffordshire and Northern Shropshire, and hope to expand to more regions soon.

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