Rough Sleep IN Challenge

Give up your bed for the night, raise funds for the Church Urban Fund and help tackle homelessness.

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The Rough Sleep IN is a fundraising sponsorship challenge supporting the Church Urban Fund.

It’s all about having fun whilst stuck at home and, of course, raising lots of money so that Church Urban Fund can make a difference in the lives of the poorest in our communities.

Together, we can support people experiencing homelessness.

You can join people all over the country by giving up a night of comfort and finding somewhere slightly unusual to sleep at home. Sleep on the floor, in a garden shed, in your bathtub… pretty much anywhere, just as long as it’s not your bed!

Ways to get involved


Give up your bed


Give up a home comfort

Donate instead

Every person deserves a safe, warm and stable home. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that no one is immune to sudden shocks like losing their job, becoming sick, or family breakdown.

Homelessness has always been isolating and dangerous. Covid-19 has only made the threat of homelessness worse.

Giving up your bed for the night won’t be comfortable and it won’t be easy. But we know that your efforts will be worth it.

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FUNdraising Resources

From editable flyers, totalisers and to how-to guides, download our Rough Sleep IN Resources to help you put the fun in fundraising!

Sharing your Rough Sleep IN Challenge with your friends, family and networks is really important. It not only helps you meet your fundraising target, but it helps raise awareness about this important cause.

Download resource pack

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Download colouring in Sheets

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Christian decorations for you to make

CUF Family Quiz Night

Two sets of questions (and answers) for a special CUF Family Quiz

CUF Children Quiz

Covid-19 and Social Distancing

Our main concern during this challenging time is the health and wellbeing of our supporters, volunteers and staff. We are following current Government guidance and strongly discourage any fundraising event which involves gathering together at a venue – this includes your own home. If you plan to complete your Rough Sleep IN Challenge by sleeping outside in your garden, please be mindful of weather conditions. If you are feeling at all ill, or experience any of the Covid-19 symptoms, please do not go ahead with your challenge and seek immediate advice from a health professional.

Keeping it legal

Whenever you fundraise for the Church Urban Fund, it needs to be clear on all your materials, emails and promotional items. People are putting their trust in you when they donate, so it’s important that they know where the funds are going.

If you are using the Rough Sleep IN logo or the Church Urban Fund logo, it must be used with the statement ‘<Name> raising funds towards the work of the Church Urban Fund.’

If you are creating your own fundraising materials, you must include a statement that ‘Funds are raised towards the work of the Church Urban Fund, Registered Charity Number 2138994 (Wales), Registered Charity Number 297483 (England).

We actively discourage public events during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please conduct all your fundraising efforts online via Just Giving.

In addition, door to door fundraising is illegal without a license. This is not something we facilitate.

We advise against collecting cash during Covid-19 in order to prevent transmission of the virus by contact. In ordinary circumstances, cash must be transferred to the Church Urban Fund within 4 weeks of collection.

If you would like any further assistance please contact: Mia Lucas-Bray