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Help families in devastating financial stress

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Right now, people just like you and me, are experiencing financial stress unlike ever before. Across the UK, 3 out of 4 people do not have savings to fall back on. Their jobs have been threatened, their futures are unknown.

That’s why we are asking our most generous supporters to contribute to lifechanging projects like the COVID Cash Course [embed donation link in copy] – an online or telephone workshop that is provided free of charge to equip families with the knowledge and resources to navigate this crisis.


Adeyinka works with our community partners in Liverpool and is a certified COVID Cash Course leader. He is one of many working hard to reach as many vulnerable people as possible.

“Liverpool is already a city with high levels of need, and the lockdown has only increased this. I really cannot recommend the COVID Cash Course enough.”

It costs £60 to run one workshop of at least 40 people in need. You can help reach even more people with this lifechanging training – and make sure no person is left behind.

We know we can’t control the COVID-19 crisis. But we can control how we respond.

Let’s respond together.

Please donate today.

Please note: all our staff are working remotely and donations can currently only be acknowledged by email. Thank you for your understanding.


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Your donation will help stop the pain of financial uncertainty during this crisis.