Lent 2020

This year for Lent here at CUF we are thinking about hunger.


As Christians, we believe we are called by God to feed the hungry, and we follow this call all over the country supporting projects from community fridges, to holiday hunger initiatives to food banks.

Church Resources

If you would like to join us this Lent exploring the theme of ‘feeding the hungry’ in your churches, check out the resources below. These resources are designed to be used in a service during Lent; they are suggestions for you to use or adapt in whatever way is useful for you and your context. The theme of the service, ‘feeding the hungry’, specifically relates to our calling as Christians to social action and uses as examples stories from the work of Church Urban Fund. On the Sunday you use the resources, you could take a collection in aid of CUF, or make a donation from your parish. In donating to CUF, you give vital support to our projects all over the country feeding the hungry and helping the most vulnerable.

In the Church Lent resources, you will find:

  • Non-lectionary readings
  • Notes for a Sermon or Talk
  • Alternative Collect and Prayers
  • Suggested Hymns and Worship Songs
  • Interactive activity for children
Lent Cover

Lent 2020 Resources

Fundraising Resources

Mar 05 2020 | 2 Downloads

Prayer Diary

If you would like to support our work through prayer please download our latest prayer diary below, on the theme of Advocacy and Empowerment. We are extremely grateful for your support in this way which is vital to the continuation of our work.


Together in Prayer – Lent 2020 | Advocacy and Empowerment

Prayer Guides

Mar 05 2020 | 1 Download

We hope these resources are useful to your Church

You might wish to take a collection in aid of CUF, or make a donation from your parish.