Serving Hope

Can you donate today and help more churches offer communities the hope they need?

An increase in the cost-of-living has pushed more people into difficult situations than ever before – none more so than people, families and communities who were already struggling due to inequality and financial stress.

Everyone deserves hope, community and support when they need it most.

That's why we support local churches to offer hospitality through Places of Welcome - a growing network of community spaces providing local people with warm and safe places where everyone can feel safe to connect, belong and contribute.

We’re asking you to support us on our mission.

Right now, 610 Places of Welcome are serving hope to people all over the country.
Your generosity can help us do even more.

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"The need for people to feel valued is just as important as offering them hot soup."

Kath, a Places of Welcome volunteer

"A great thing about [Places of Welcome] is it brings together a mix of people who wouldn't necessarily meet otherwise."

Kath is a Places of Welcome volunteer in her church. Their Places of Welcome journey started with CUF's Growing Good course - six sessions for churches to reflect and act on the connection between social action, discipleship, and growth.

Kath said: "We were inspired by CUF’s Growing Good course and supported by Transforming Lives Together, and knew we wanted to offer a Place of Welcome. Come the winter, we heard about the warm hubs. Now on Thursdays we have our Place of Welcome, there’s a communion service in the morning and a toddler group from lunchtime onwards."

Transforming Lives Together (TLT) is a member of CUF's Together Network of charities driven by faith to tackle poverty, loneliness, and social inequality. Working in the Diocese of Chester, TLT helps facilitate, resource and connect local churches who participate in Places of Welcome.

“We've got quite a lot of young parents and grandparents who bring toddlers who come earlier and have lunch. Now we’re open and people know we’re here, we're beginning to see people that we'd never seen in the church before. We’ve got quite a lot of single parents, some who are struggling with the cost of living, but now they’re coming in with their little ones for a healthy snack and space to play while parents sit and chat."

It’s not just the visitors that benefit though, as Kath found out by chatting to a volunteer:

“I spoke to a young mum about her motivation [for volunteering]. Her grandma went to a Place of Welcome in a town near here. Her grandma has passed away now but she realised that was really important in the later stages of her grandma’s life. She said, ‘When I realised that this church was going to offer [Places of Welcome], I decided that I would volunteer. I keep coming because I just enjoy being here and chatting to people and feeling that I’m providing the same thing as my grandma enjoyed for others’.”

Your support helps equip local people, churches, and community groups to serve, lead, and speak out for those in need.

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Can you donate today and help us to serve hope to more communities?

The cost-of-living crisis is a concern for all of us.

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