All Together Now Against Loneliness

“Every day there are more issues to tackle. We are just enough to keep the most vulnerable going.” Martyna, Community volunteer

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If you are feeling lonely today, I want you to know that you are not alone. Over the past year, many of us have experienced loneliness more frequently as social activities were suspended, church services stopped, and we were isolated from friends and family.

The sad truth is that there are over 9 million people in the UK that admit to feeling often or always lonely. To tackle loneliness, we all need a community that supports us. This means meaningful interactions and relationships with others.

“Every day there are more issues to tackle. We are just enough to keep the most vulnerable going.”

Martyna, Community volunteer

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Church Urban Fund is determined to ensure everyone has access to a community that supports them – now and in the future.

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Donate to tackle isolation and loneliness in local communities

You can join us by sending a generous gift

Last year, thanks to the kindness of supporters like you, and our valued partners, thousands of people – including those in critical and emergency need – had a safe space to go when things became too difficult to handle alone. Often, volunteers like Martyna were there for them when no one else was.

Martyna volunteers with CUF’s Positive Pathways partner organisation, The Archer Project – a homelessness support project run from Sheffield Cathedral.

In a conversation with CUF, she explained that the past two years have been challenging for people experiencing homelessness and the volunteers who are trying to support them.

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Read the conversation with Martyna

“There are so many who have complex needs and at risk of losing their accommodation. Those people still need support and have big needs."

We understand that loneliness is one of the most significant issues in our communities, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Loneliness affects and compounds other challenges, like homelessness, financial insecurity and food poverty, because it makes people feel they have failed. This causes low self-esteem and stops people from reaching out for help.

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You can show your support for people experiencing loneliness by sending a donation today.

Every gift we receive will help provide the practical resources and meaningful connections that we all need to thrive.

CUF’s work with local communities over the past 35 years has highlighted the diverse range of people who experience loneliness in our country. It is a great sadness that people experiencing trauma, fleeing persecution in other countries, single parents, older folk and those forced into homelessness are left isolated due to lack of adequate resources, low income, language barriers and a lack of social connections.

That’s why we are partnering with local organisations, like the Archer Project. Through Positive Pathways, we forge collaborations with people and partners who share our vision of thriving communities - where the cycle of homelessness is broken and everyone is valued.

The impact of our work together is clear. For example:

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Volunteers like Martyna cannot do this on their own, and we are so grateful for the part you have played in bringing people together, strengthening local communities and combatting loneliness.

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I hope that, if you find yourself in the position to do so, you will support us with a kind donation today.

It could help make sure that more people can access they support they need to thrive.

We believe that everyone should have access to a community that supports them – and, just like Martyna, we all have skills we can contribute. That’s why we’ve enclosed the Head, Hearts, Hands activity to help you reflect on the gifts you have to offer. We hope it benefits your mental health too, by helping you feel a sense of accomplishment and connection with others.

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Head, Hearts, Hands

Discovering the Gifts of Individuals in Your Community