Providing hope, friendly faces, and love.

Micah Neale CUF’s Partnerships Support Officer and in this interview she tells you about her work.

Written by: Miguel Ferrer on May 20, 2022. Category: News

Micah Neale is CUF’s Partnerships Support Officer and she’s passionate about supporting other Christians to make a difference where they live. In this interview, Micah tells you about her work.

What impact is the Together Network having in local communities?

Everyone in the network is driven to serve others – and to make sure that every Christian and every church is equipped to support the most marginalised people in society. For example, the Together Network partners have worked with over 550 churches across the country this year. There are at least 30,000 people in local communities who are benefiting from projects like food pantries and meal deliveries, after-school meal programmes, homelessness support, befriending and Places of Welcome. The more we do to equip local people to identify and respond to need, the better impact we can have in communities for years to come.

How are CUF’s supporters helping?

Training, resources and bringing people together takes a lot of time and money. So does being there for people in need. We’re currently working on a new project that will expand our support for people experiencing homelessness, including providing a trained volunteer who can walk through the process of getting back into housing with you. This helps ensure that people receive the help that fits their unique situation – it also provides the emotional and spiritual care that is needed. We couldn’t continue this and other vital support without the donations – of time, of money, of advocacy – that we receive from CUF supporters.

How do you involve local people and churches?

We work with local churches and other community groups to inspire social action projects. For example, our Places of Welcome network provides the resources and support churches need to open their buildings to people in the local community. This enables churches to connect to all kinds of different people in their neighbourhood, connect people to services that can help them, and have a direct impact on community cohesion.

How can Christian social action help people in need?

We’re not just providing people with food or homelessness support, we’re also providing people with hope, with friendly faces, with love - and a sense of connection and relevance. I think that’s something that’s something that churches do particularly well, and where CUF is so helpful in allowing churches and Christian people to make those first steps.

Do you have a message for CUF supporters?

Thank you from everyone at CUF and our amazing Together Network partners. It’s great to know that you care about making a real difference in the lives of people in need. Please keep supporting us if you can – every donation helps equip and support fellow Christians to make a difference where they live.