New Blog Post: The Pattern of this World – Autism, the Church, and the Radical Sanctity of Disabled Community

New blog post available on CUF’s Living Theology Forum

Date Posted: Mar 31, 2023.

Proudly autistic, Dr Micah Neale reflects on how her Christian faith has supported her to manage the pattern of this world.

An excerpt from Micah's piece:

As an autistic teenager, struggling to understand the new context of secondary school and the unpredictable and – to me – baffling behaviour of my peers, this verse was a rock to which I could cling, limpet-like, as the storm of adolescence raged around me. “Do not be afraid,” the angels whispered to me through words recorded long ago, when my autistic awkwardness led to social gaffes as a young adult struggling to find her way at university, “the only approval you need is from God.” My faith has been a shield against the vagaries of neurodivergent life more often than I can count.

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