New Direction for Paul Hackwood

Written by: CUF on Sep 20, 2019. Category: News


Paul Hackwood has requested, and the Church Urban Fund has agreed, for him to take a three months’ sabbatical from 1 September to 30 November 2019. Having led the organisation for six successful years since 1 January 2013, Paul wants to have three months of uninterrupted focus to write a book – something he has been meaning to do for a while now.

Following his sabbatical, Paul has confirmed that he will be standing down as Executive Director of the Church Urban Fund, following 6 years of exceptional leadership and transformation of the organisation. He will be greatly missed.

During his time with the Church Urban Fund, Paul served as a trustee, as chair and as lead executive, and has shown exceptional vision in totally re-orientating the organisation from one that was a small grant-maker to a thriving network of semi-autonomous bodies across the two Provinces of the Anglican Church in England. He was key to establishing two specialist sibling charities: Near Neighbours, focusing on multi-faith integration and cohesion; and the Just Finance Foundation, focusing on financial confidence and inclusion. Throughout, he demonstrated ambition and persuasion in establishing relationships with funders and advancing a bold agenda focused on influencing public policy.

Paul will bring his experience, vision, persuasion, passion for social justice and personal integrity to any cause or role that he decides now to undertake, and the CUF trustees wish him well for the future.