New Blog Post: Loving a World in Crisis

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Written by: Mia Lucas-Bray on Mar 14, 2023. Category: News

Rev David Tomlinson, Vicar of St Paul’s in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, and chair of the Board of Trustees for Thrive Together Birmingham, reflects on the call to love your neighbour and what it means to live for love in a world in crisis.

An excerpt from David's piece:

My book is an exploration of what it means to see the world illuminated by love. Like a diamond, love has different faces but also an essential unity. Love’s source is God. As the climactic theology of the biblical story testifies: God is love. If we are to love other people, we have to start with ourselves. A healthy self-love fosters our capacity for loving relationships. Our love for each other is integral to our love for God as Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated. An exploration of his teaching underlines that no-one is to be excluded from our embrace. We cannot write off the stranger or even our enemy, they must be enfolded in our compassion.

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