We welcome the report by the Archbishops’ Commission on Housing.

The Commission on Housing, Church and and Communities has published today the report 'Coming Home', offering a Christian vision for good housing and policy recommendations.

Written by: Lazzaro Pietragnoli on Feb 21, 2021. Category: News

YPAC AGM Manchester 022 with permission

Welcoming the report, Rachel Whittington, Executive Director of Church Urban Find, said:

Every person has faced unprecedented impact from the pandemic – but none more so than those who were already experiencing enormous challenges prior to the arrival of Covid-19. As such, we are excited by the new vision set out in this report, the timeliness of its release, the cross-sector responses we hope it will inspire and the lives that will change.

We fully endorse and support the much needed step-change set out in the Commission’s proposals, coupled with other church-based initiatives aimed at building community that are happening across the country. We look forward to exploring ways in which CUF can collaborate with those involved in the report to ensure that the material, emotional and spiritual needs of our most marginalised neighbours are met and all are able to live flourishing lives – as Christ intended.

Join a post-launch webinar Wednesday 24 February, 10am

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York and other key stakeholders will discuss the actions and recommendations from the report.

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