New Blog Post: What should the Church’s ‘prophetic voices’ be calling for?

New blog post available on CUF’s Living Theology Forum

Written by: Mia Lucas-Bray on Feb 02, 2023. Category: News

Jenny Sinclair, founder and director of Together for the Common Good (T4CG), reflects on Catholic social thought and how it can help us reflect on ‘what God wants of us in this place’.

An excerpt from Jenny's piece:

This winter, many people across the churches are urgently concerned about the so-called "Cost of Living Crisis", campaigns "to end poverty" and calls for the Church to "raise a prophetic voice". Some may believe that a change of government will solve the problem. But this is a false hope and a misreading of the new era we are entering. Over the last four decades, governments of both the 'left' and 'right' across the West have colluded in perpetuating a dysfunctional and dehumanising political philosophy. All have been far too comfortable with unconstrained finance capital that discards places that did not attract investment; too comfortable with a hyperliberal ideology that breaks the bonds of mutual obligation. This neoliberal consensus has wrecked not only our economy but also our common life.

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