#BlackLivesMatter #WeStandWithYou

Written by: CUF on Jun 11, 2020. Category: News

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The global expression of outrage, pain and anger at the heart-breaking killing of George Floyd – which has also shone a powerful light on the mistreatment of countless others – makes us all painfully aware of the ways in which power can corrupt and needs to be held accountable.

Church Urban Fund is founded on the principles of Christian faith. We believe the #BlackLivesMatter movement is giving voice to those too long silenced, and we endorse their call for a flourishing future for all. Racism is an affront to the God in whose image we are all given equal dignity and worth.

Through the Together Network, Near Neighbours and Just Finance programmes, we reaffirm our commitment to helping break down barriers, tackling fear and misunderstanding, building trust and striving even harder to ensure inclusion, equality and respect for society’s most marginalised members.

#BlackLivesMatter #WeStandWithYou