APPG on Social Integration Report: Healing the Generational Divide

Written by: CUF on May 16, 2019. Category: Research and Policy


Today, 16th May 2019, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration published their interim report Healing the Generational Divide, which outlines the findings of their Inquiry into Intergenerational Connection, including the political, social and geographic divides between different age groups. The report also sets out a policy framework for building stronger connections across the age spectrum. In September 2018 , CUF and Near Neighbours submitted a response to the Inquiry, drawing on some of our own projects which have been successful in strengthening ties between the generations..

The report focuses on four main policy areas through which it argues that stronger intergenerational connections can be fostered:

  • Intergenerational communities: the role of local, grassroots initiatives which unite generations through shared interests such as art, music, politics and conversation, what they can do to be more effective, and how local and central government can help them thrive.
  • Intergenerational public services: how intergenerational connection can be embedded throughout care and education, on public transport, and via schemes to help older people stay active in their communities.
  • Intergenerational housing and planning: how existing housing can be used to improve intergenerational connection, and how new housing, as well as whole towns and cities, can be designed for all ages.
  • Technology and intergenerational connection: the role of technology as both a source of disconnection and loneliness among different age groups and as a potential tool for strengthening intergenerational connections.

Some of the key policy recommendations made in the report are:

  • 1p charge on self-service checkout machines
  • A new flagship national volunteering service for older people
  • Tax break for volunteering within public services
  • ‘Take Your Headphones Off Day’: the APPG would like to encourage a citizen-led campaign to promote conversation on public transport between passengers of all ages