New Blog Post: Anti-Racism and Christian Hope

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Written by: Miguel Ferrer on Aug 01, 2022. Category: News

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Jessamin Birdsall draws on insights from her recent book, Healing the Divides, to suggest a distinctive Christian contribution to racial unity and justice.

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The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 catalysed protests against racial injustice in the US, UK, and around the world.

Thousands took to the streets to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. A surge in media coverage, podcasts, events, and conversation increased our collective awareness of the ongoing realities of racial injustice. Organisations of all kinds - schools, universities, charities, and businesses - pledged to become anti-racist.

Churches too have joined the conversation and the activism. For some Christians, this is the first time they have really thought about racism. For others, this is the next phase of a multi-generational struggle.

As we work alongside people of all faiths and none, what do Christians bring to the anti-racist struggle? Of course we bring many things - our time, money, energy, and political action. But what do we bring theologically?

I contend that a biblical theology of sin and a biblical theology of hope are two significant contributions that Christians have to offer the contemporary anti-racist movement.

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