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Equipping young children to manage money well

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Despite growing problems with debt and financial stress, 5.3 million children in the UK do not receive quality financial education at school We need to support schools, churches and parents to ensure every child is equipped to manage money well in the future.

When we support financial education, we are supporting a future where all people can flourish.

Attitudes and behaviours towards money are formed as early as ages 4 to 7. Despite this, Early Years financial education remains underfunded and undervalued, making it difficult for teachers to source engaging and practical learning tools.

That’s we have developed a brand-new resource called Milo’s Money to address the gaps in financial education during these pivotal development years.

Financial education for 5 7s 7

Who is Milo?

Milo’s Money follows a young dinosaur who has a lot of questions about money. It is delivered by teachers through a beautiful story book with exciting pull-out activities that reinforce learning. There is also an online hub with additional resources and games, and a social space to create a community of learning and support for teachers and parents.

Milo’s Money is backed by research, combining values-led financial education, literacy, numeracy and PHSE within a fun, engaging and age-appropriate resource.

This new pilot project is already reaching over 60 schools across England thanks to Money and Pension Service’s Children and Young People’s Financial Education Innovation Programme. But demand from new schools for this support is growing every day.

Milo’s Money is provided free of charge and is dependent on the ongoing generosity of our supporters and partners.

By supporting projects like Milo’s Money, you are helping to provide quality resources like Milo’s Money to more primary schools across England, and equip children for the future.

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