Take a look at the stories of some of our fundraisers. They accepted the challenge and here we share their experiences to inspire you.

Jess has chosen to run the London Marathon. She’s a 30-something mum of two who works as a GP in the North West. She is also a Christian and attends a suburban church with lots of social needs within the community it serves.

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I have always dreamt of running the London Marathon – I honestly thought it would never happen but the opportunity arose to run for Church Urban Fund, linking two things (running and social justice) I am passionate about. I have always said I cannot wait to hit the final bit of the marathon and run down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace with all the crowds around. It gives me excited shivers thinking about it. My dad initially suggested Church Urban Fund as he has links through his own work. When I looked into the organisation more I thought it was perfect to run for.”

Mia and Kelly, both members of the fundraising team at CUF took part in the SleepIN challenge in 2020, Both giving up a night of comfort to raise funds in support of people experiencing homelessness. Kelly slept on her sofa and Mia slept on the floor with no pillow or duvet.

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I’m going to sleep on my sofa for a week because people don’t realise that you don’t have to be on the street to be homeless. If inequality and homelessness in your community make you sad or angry, imagine what it’s like for the people experiencing it! It’s no good feeling bad about it, we’ve got to do something! That’s why I took part in the challenge.”

Mark was once again part of the ‘Royston Rough Sleepers’ last year,a group of 6 friends who slept rough (i.e. using just a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard..) in their local church graveyard in Barley to raise money for the homeless. As Mark couldn’t join his friends on the day he ended up completing the challenge by himself – he said “it was spooky and as I had to set up in the dark, it was a bit disconcerting”

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St Barnabas Church welcomes its community by hosting several events, many of which are long-running and very popular. These events help them to raise money for charities they support as a church. They have included Bingo Nights, Steet Parties and a Christmas Fair that has been running for several years.

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St Mary’s Church has also run a fundraising event that benefits members of the community as well as raising money. This event was an auction of promises, where members of their congregation listed something they would offer the winning bidder, including cooking a meal for 4, local tours and cooking lessons.