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The Just Finance Foundation wants a fair financial system for everyone. A system that is easy to understand, accessible and available to all.

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Founded by the Archbishop of Canterbury

The charity was founded by the Archbishop of Canterbury to tackle the major social inequalities caused by financial exclusion, unmanageable money worries and debt.

We help people to understand the financial system, and to build their knowledge and budgeting skills so they can manage their spending and saving.

We are currently helping people navigate the financial issues caused by this crisis including creating a Coronavirus Help Hub and a course to help people in the community signpost effectively.

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Our core initiatives are:

Covid Cash Course is a free course which trains churches, community leaders and organisations to provide key information and resources to help their communities cope with the variety of money issues which have arisen due to COVID-19.

LifeSavers is a values based financial education programme for primary schools.

Cash Smart Credit Savvy (CSCS) is an introduction to budgeting skills and saving.

JFF Communities through our local networks we promote and support credit unions and other community finance providers.

UC Savvy is a short course designed to help people understand and negotiate some of the complexities of Universal Credit.


Our Mustard Seed Campaign

Lifesavers from Just Finance

A cornerstone of our work is the LifeSavers programme, which teaches primary school children the essential financial life skills. This programme is currently being run in 120 schools and benefiting more than 30,000 children.

Visit the Lifesavers site here

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Together Network

We are driven by the desire to tackle social inequality across England.

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Near Neighbours

Helps bring people together to make their communities stronger.

"Our Covid Cash Course, is helping people to financially navigate this crisis. We are expanding this programme to reach as many people as possible"

Sarah Wallace, Director Just Finance Foundation