Climb Kilimanjaro For CUF

Written by: CUF on Nov 30, 2018. Category: News

Tanzania Kilimanjaro 6

Standing at 5,895m tall Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain; many have dreamed of taking on the challenge of climbing it.

In 2019 the Church Urban Fund are arranging the chance for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Join us for an adventure which begins September 27th 2019 as we fly a team from London to Tanzania where our Global Adventures representative will ensure we are fully looked after every step of the way, right through to our arrival home on October 7th.

“The CUF Kilimanjaro trek will take you along the beautiful Machame route, which allows for gradual acclimatisation to the altitude as we climb to the summit. We’ll trek through dense tropical rainforest all the way up to the snow-capped peak to witness awe-inspiring views. This is a tough but spectacularly rewarding challenge, so join us and conquer the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro!”

Trek Co-ordinator Abi Bates

There are two fundraising options you can choose to self-fund your trip and any additional money you raise goes straight to the work of Church Urban Fund’s work through the Together Network with the homeless, refugees, those struggling with mental health issues and more.

You can also choose to fundraise the full trip; raising a minimum sponsorship amount which covers the costs of the trip and a sizeable donation to CUF.