The GRA:CE Project


The GRA:CE project is exploring the relationship between social action, discipleship and church growth in the Church of England. Church Urban Fund, Theos, and the Church of England are working in partnership on this programme of in-depth research to better understand how these fit together in practice in communities across the country, amidst a wide diversity of church traditions, contexts, and sizes.

GRA:CE stands for growth, relationships and action in the Church of England, and this three-year project will explore these themes through extensive qualitative and quantitative research. The first phase of the empirical research is underway and involves interviews and participant observation in more than 60 parishes across England. This will be followed by survey-based research to identify key trends and patterns at a national level.

Our aim is that the GRA:CE project will provide an enriching combination of learning, challenge, and encouragement for the church, as well as providing robust and insightful evidence about its activities to wider audiences.

You can read more about the emerging stories and key themes in the project blog

This project has been made possible by the generosity of the Sir Halley Stewart Trust and The Hartham Church Charitable Trust who are both financially supporting the GRA:CE project over three years